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RLMKITCHEN (Roselmproducts llc)  was born from a love of all haitian food . The founder Roselaure Mingot spent most of her time in the kitchen since 11 years old by cooking for the whole family , passionate about that when she grow up she decide to go to a cooking school to learn more . She brought in that business everything she learn -The flavors, the feelings, the family style-cooking - so that you can get a taste of haiti too.


Quick view of our Haitian donuts in the making

More from our kitchen

Kokiyol(Haitian donuts)

Kokiyol is a kind of donuts in haitian way , is handmade . can be use as breakfast, snack or dessert.

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2 of our best seller in 1 plate . you can match your chiktay with anything on your choice but we have the plantain strips who is really good with .

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