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Chiktay aranso (Spicy smoked herring)

Chiktay aranso (Spicy smoked herring)

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Spicy smoked herring(chiktay aranso) is a haitian dish made with smoked herring ,vegetables, bell pepper, vegetable oil and citrus . you can eat it with your toast ,chips ,boilled green plantain, spaghetti and more . Is spicy and have a lot of oil .

In haiti most of people eat it with bread when they  are drinking alcohol .

Benefits of smoked herring : lower triglycerie levels, decrease levels of VLDL ,increase HDL levels, low risk of cardiovascular, excellent source of OMEGA-3, contain antioxidant that help to minimize the damage caused by free radicals to body tissues, contain vitaminD ,rich in protein ,has  low level of mercury , lowers blood pressure , incredibly rich in vitamin B12

Caution If you have stomach problem don't buy the spicy smoked herring salads because of the amount of oil and bell pepper . 


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